Our brief: To support the Mothercare Body Proud Mums campaign, helping to spread the positive message as far and wide as possible at a difficult time for the iconic retailer. 

Mothercare launched Body Proud Mums - a bold campaign designed to celebrate the beauty of the post-birth body and represent a part of motherhood that is rarely portrayed in the media. The campaign aimed to spark a positive conversation and help mums feel confident and proud of their bodies, which have just performed a miracle.

Inkling’s role was to develop a robust PR and social media plan that would get as many people talking about the campaign as possible… Coverage for the campaign spanned national newspapers, daytime TV, International news, parenting influencer channels, parenting forums and social media.

To support the beautiful campaign imagery, we conducted research with real mums, asking them how they feel about their post-baby bodies. The results were astounding, with the vast majority of mums saying they were unsatisfied with their postpartum bodies, felt pressure from media to ‘snapback into shape’ and admitted to editing images of themselves on social media to hide things about their appearance.

The research strengthened the story behind the imagery, creating talking points and headlines that turned the campaign into a huge media story.