Our brief: to drive sales of CASIO calculators by increasing STEM participation amongst young people and encourage more GCSE students to take A Level maths. 

Our response: EQUALS… a multi layered content campaign designed to inspire and empower girls to use maths to pursue exciting careers in areas such as fashion, music, tech and film.

We decided to focus on an audience that is hugely underrepresented in the world of STEM – girls. Our research showed that there was a significant drop off in female STEM participants after GCSE despitegirls performing better than boys in STEM subjects across the board.

By working with pioneering women doing exciting things in the world of STEM, we showed young girls that careers in maths can be exciting and that it’s possible for girls to take up space in that world.

The campaign is ongoing, but to date content has achieved 10,738,467 impressions, 1,021,194 reach, 897,828 video views and 922,567 engagements.